Man To Man (2022)

The Anniversary Edition…
Digitally Restored, Re-Mixed and Re-Mastered.

40 years ago, GV was still new in the Jewish Music business, but already singing and playing multiple instruments since childhood. He needed a solo album, but had no outside financial or production help. His only choice was to produce and perform it all on his own, including all instruments, learning the process as he went along. His friends’ studio’s equipment could only record up to 16 tracks on tape… No digital sampling, computer editing, hired producers, arrangers or musicians. Even the tape had to be bought “used” (see photo below).

Man To Man” introduced the fusion of styles he grew up with, facing great resistance in the Jewish world, inspired by acts like The Beatles, James Taylor and Dr. John as well as Chassidic and Israeli. With very little promotion, it was released on vinyl and cassette, recognized immediately by industry insiders, aspiring Jewish performers and open-minded fans. While only Judaica stores sold Jewish music, they made it their lowest priority, so the album skipped the CD era and became a collectors item on eBay. Today, that’s all changed.


Original studio tapes from the “Man To Man” sessions, bought used from Jimmy Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios, recording over drafts from singer BJ Thomas’ 1971 singles. In total the tapes are now over 50 years old.

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